History - Sarvadon

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1954 - Bruno Sarvadon founds the company as an artisanal iron and steel business.
1980 - Following the arrival in the company of his son and the current owner, Paolo Sarvadon, the company is one of the most important in Valle d’Aosta which also works with aluminium alloy products.
1992 - The individual company Sarvadon Bruno becomes Sarvadon s.n.c.
1995 - In addition to its business in Valle d’Aosta, Sarvadon s.n.c starts operating in Piedmont – Liguria – Provence – Cotè d’azur – Savoy – French and German Switzerland.
1996 - Careful attention is paid to guaranteeing the quality of both the product and its installation, and of all related services. Therefore a team dedicated to planning and development is created within the company, which represents one of its most prestigious features.
2002 – The company becomes “Sarvadon s.r.l”.
2009 - The sister company, “S.A.A. acier et aluminium sarl”, is founded in France, with the aim of improving customer service in the French market and to consolidate the positions acquired.
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